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This list is continuously updated - And if you are a Ml practitioner and have some good suggestions to improve this or have somegood resources to share, you create pull request and contribute.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Mathematics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Natural language processing
  6. Reinforcement learning
  7. Books
  8. ML in Production
  9. Quantum ML
  10. DataSets
  11. Other Useful Websites
  12. Other Useful GitRrpo
  13. Blogs and Webinar
  14. Must Read Research Paper
  15. Company Tech Blogs

Getting Started

Title and Source Link
Elements of AI : Part-1 WebSite
Elements of AI : Part-2 WebSite
CS50’s Introduction to AI Harvard Cs50 WebSite
Intro to Computational Thinking and Data Science MIT WebSite
Practical Data Ethics
Machine learning Mastery Getting Started machinelearningmastery
Design and Analysis of Algorithms MIT
AI: Principles and Techniques Stanford YouTube
The Private AI Series openmined


Title and Source Link
Statistics in Machine Learning (Krish Naik) YouTube
Computational Linear Algebra for Coders
Linear Algebra MIT WebSite
Statistics by zstatistics WebSite
Essence of linear algebra by 3Blue1Brown YouTube
SEEING THEORY (Visual Probability) brown WebSite
Matrix Methods in Data Analysis,and Machine Learning MIT WebSite
Math for Machine Learning YouTube
Statistics for Applications MIT YouTube

Machine Learning

Title and Source Link
Introduction to Machine Learning with scikit-learn dataschool
Introduction to Machine Learning sebastianraschka
Open Machine Learning Course
Machine Learning (CS229) Stanford WebSite YouTube
Introduction to Machine Learning MIT WebSite
Machine Learning Systems Design 2021 (CS329S) Stanford WebSite
Applied Machine Learning 2020 (CS5787) Cornell Tech YouTube
Machine Learning for Healthcare MIT WebSite
Machine Learning for Trading Georgia Tech WebSite
Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders
Machine Learning Crash Course Google AI
Machine Learning with Python freecodecamp
Deep Reinforcement Learning:CS285 UC Berkeley YouTube
Probabilistic Machine Learning University of Tübingen YouTube
Machine Learning with Graphs(CS224W) Stanford YouTube
Machine Learning in Production CMU WebSite
Machine Learning & Deep Learning Fundamentals deeplizard
Interpretability and Explainability in Machine Learning WebSite
Practical Machine Learning 2021 Stanford WebSite
Machine Learning VU University WebSite
Machine Learning for Cyber Security Purdue University YouTube
Audio Signal Processing for Machine Learning YouTube
Machine learning & causal inference Stanford YouTube
Machine learning cs156 caltech YouTube
Multimodal machine learning (MMML) CMU WebSite YouTube
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning Caltech WebSite

Deep Learning

Title and Source Link
Introduction to Deep Learning(6.S191) MIT YouTube
Introduction to Deep Learning sebastianraschka
Deep Learning NYU WebSite 2021
Deep Learning (CS182) UC Berkeley YouTube
Deep Learning Lecture Series DeepMind x UCL YouTube
Deep Learning (CS230) Stanford WebSite
CNN for Visual Recognition(CS231n) Stanford WebSite-2020 YouTube-2017
Full Stack Deep Learning WebSite2021
Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3
Deep Learning Crash Course 2021 YouTube
Deep Learning for Computer Vision Michigan WebSite
Neural Networks from Scratch in Python by Sentdex YouTube
Keras - Python Deep Learning Neural Network API deeplizard
Reproducible Deep Learning
PyTorch Fundamentals microsoft
Geometric Deep Learing (GDL100) geometricdeeplearning
Deep learning Neuromatch Academy neuromatch
Deep Learning for Molecules and Materials WebSite
Deep Learning course for Vision
Deep Multi-Task and Meta Learning (CS330) Stanford WebSite YouTube
Deep Learning Interviews book WebSite
Deep Learning for Computer Vision 2021 YouTube
Deep Learning 2022 CMU YouTube
UvA Deep Learning WebSite

Natural language processing

Title and Source Link
Natural Language Processing AWS YouTube
NLP - Krish Naik YouTube
NLP with Deep Learning(CS224N) 2019 Stanford YouTube 2021
A Code-First Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CMU Neural Nets for NLP 2021 Carnegie Mellon University YouTube
Speech and Language Processing Stanford WebSite
Natural Language Understanding (CS224U) Stanford YouTube 2022
NLP with Dan Jurafsky and Chris Manning, 2012 Stanford YouTube
Intro to NLP with spaCy YouTube
Advanced NLP with spaCy website
Applied Language Technology website
Advanced Natural Language Processing Umass website YouTube 2020
Huggingface Course
NLP Course Michigan github
Multilingual NLP 2020 CMU YouTube
Advanced NLP 2021 CMU YouTube
Transformers United stanford Website YouTube
CS324 Large Language Models Website

Reinforcement learning

Title and Source Link
Reinforcement Learning(CS234) Stanford YouTube-2019
Introduction to reinforcement learning DeepMind YouTube-2015
Reinforcement Learning Course DeepMind & UCL YouTube-2018
Advanced Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning YouTube
DeepMind x UCL Reinforcement Learning 2021 YouTube


Title and Source Link
Scientific Python Lectures ScipyLectures
Mathematics for Machine Learning mml-book
An Introduction to Statistical Learning statlearning
Think Stats Think Stats
Python Data Science Handbook Python For DS
Natural Language Processing with Python - NLTK NLTK
Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow deeplearningbook
Dive into Deep Learning
Approaching (Almost) Any Machine Learning Problem AAANLP
Neural networks and Deep learning neuralnetworksanddeeplearning
AutoML: Methods, Systems, Challenges (first book on AutoML) automl
Feature Engineering and Selection
Introduction to Machine Learning Interviews Book
Hands-On Machine Learning with R website
Zero to Mastery TensorFlow for Deep Learning Book
Introduction to Probability for Data Science probability4datascience
Graph Representation Learning Book
Interpretable Machine Learning christophm
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, 2nd ed.

ML in Production

Title and Source Link
Introduction to Docker Docker
MLOps Basics GitHub
Effective MLOps: Model Development wandb

Quantum ML

Title and Source Link
Quantum machine learning


Title and Source Link
Yelp Open Dataset yelp
Machine Translation website
IndicNLP Corpora (Indian languages) ai4bharat
Amazon product co-purchasing network metadata
Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD) website

Other Useful Websites

  1. Papers with Code
  2. Two Minute Papers - Youtube
  3. The Missing Semester of Your CS Education
  4. Workera : Measure data-AI skills
  5. Machine learning mastery
  6. From Data to viz: Guide for your graph
  7. datatalks club
  8. Machine Learning for Art
  9. applyingml
  10. Deep Learning Drizzle
  11. The Machine & Deep Learning Compendium
  12. connectedpapers - Research Papers
  13. Papers and Latest Research - deepai
  14. Tracking Progress in NLP
  15. NLP Blogs by Sebastian Ruder
  16. labmlai for papers

Other Useful GitRepo

  1. Applied-ml - Papers and blogs by organizations
  2. List Machine learning Python libraries
  3. ML From Scratch - Implementations of models/algorithms
  4. What the f*ck Python?
  5. scikit-learn user guide: step-step approach
  6. NLP Tutorial Code with DL
  7. awesome-mlops
  8. Text Classification Algorithms: A Survey
  9. ML use cases by company

Blogs and Webinar

  1. Recommendation algorithms and System design
  2. Machine Learning System Design
  3. Lil’BLog

Must Read Research Paper

NLP [Text]

  1. Text Classification Algorithms: A Survey
  2. Deep Learning Based Text Classification: A Comprehensive Review
  3. Compression of Deep Learning Models for Text: A Survey
  4. A Survey on Text Classification: From Shallow to Deep Learning
  5. A Survey of Transformers
  6. AMMUS : A Survey of Transformer-based Pretrained Models in Natural Language Processing
  7. Graph Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing: A Survey
  8. A Survey of Data Augmentation Approaches for NLP
  9. A Survey on Recent Approaches for Natural Language Processing in Low-Resource Scenarios
  10. Evaluation of Text Generation: A Survey
  11. A Survey of Transfer learning In NLP
  12. A Systematic Survey of Prompting Methods in NLP

OCR [Optical Character Recognition]

  1. Survey of Post-OCR Processing Approaches

Company Tech Blogs

  1. AssemblyAI
  2. Grammarly
  3. Huggingface
  4. Uber
  5. Netflix
  6. Spotify Research | Engineering